Billy Bennett
(Almost a Gentleman)

  Give me the life of a huntsman,
It wants a lot of beating...
I know, I've served my apprenticeship
With that famous hunter, "Keating."

Tally Ho, Tally Ho, Tantivy,
We shout as we ride pell mell,
Which means, if you say it backwards,
Tivytan—that's a soldier's farewell!

I've hunted from the cradle
And from my baby chair,
When mother has gone to the pictures
And taken my supper there.

Hunting runs in our family,
Father hunted Ma,
They had a hunting accident...
I'm here, so there you are!

I once played at "Hunt the Slipper"
At a gentleman's house in Bristol,
I found a pair his wife had on,
Now he's hunting me with a pistol.

For a lady's beads I hunted,
Down her back, I saw one of them roll.
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