Billy Bennett

  Let me sit down for a minute, sir
There's a milestone in my boot
And list to the tale how my hearthstone was wrecked
By a bloodthirsty, blue-blooded brute

Tallulah and I were just married
We'd each led a solitary life
Her husband eloped with a woman
In mistake for another man's wife.

We'd a military wedding in Shoreditch
Walking under the sword and lance
Two bridesmaids held up Tallulah's train
And two safety pins held up my pants

We found a small cottage to live in
The outside was old and so mean
I'll admit all the windows were dirty
But Tallulah and I were quite clean.

We hadn't much money to live on
There was never much food on the shelf
So she took in a lodger - I couldn't object
I'd once been a lodger myself

He was a sailor from Botany Bay
He'd been wrecked at a night-club in Dover
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