Billy Bennett
(Almost a Gentleman)

  She was only a farmer’s daughter,
Dressed in a cotton gown,
One day she got tired of cowslips
And ran up to London town.

She packed her little belongings,
She might have had one or two more,
If she hadn’t gone pillion riding
And lost ‘em the night before.

All the village turned out to find her,
The farmer made terrible vows,
And carried on almost as much,
As if he’d lost one of his cows.

And lured by the lights of London
She wandered up the West
With no one to guide her footsteps
Tho’ a p’liceman did his best.

Big Ben was striking 'closing time',
The lights of London glowing,
As she trudged along the Embankment
It was summer time... and snowing.

And there she met the 'Stranger'
That so many young girls meet;

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