( A Kanakanese Love Lyric )
Billy Bennett
(Almost a Gentleman)
Billy Bennett
I got wrecked on the Hunkem Junkem Isles
Where the Japanese speak Yiddish to the Greeks
Where the Swiss milk maidens milk their crocodiles
And the Eskimos love their Scottish sheiks
There I met a hula maid who stole my heart away
When I made love to that sweet miss, here's what I had to say,

Ogul Mogul you simola old doll
Scotch for 'I love you.'
She said, 'Flugube, Bugube, suck another jube-jube'
Welsh for Irish Stew
'Neath the Palms of Shoreditch Beach
I squeezed her waist so tight
She said, 'Hi marsipan, cheeky chow, fanakepan.'
That means, 'Josephine, not tonight'
'Russian, Prussian, take a pick of Kruschian.'
That means 'Come on steam'
And we played hop-scotch as I stood there with my legs coiled
'Honky, conky, alabalacush, ham and lamb
And a piece of gammon, cannon off the cush.
Hotty, totty, mazawotti', that is Shepherd's Bush
For 'How do you like your eggs boiled?'

We sat there 'neath the Hokey Pokey tree
With the gorgonzola scenting all the air
All the lady wore was just a string of beads
And the scenery in high wires rather bare
All at once the string broke and she lost her repertoire
And as she sat there dressed in mufti on that Southern shore

She said, 'Gunga, sintha, gin and pepper mincer.'
Dutch for 'Mild and Stout.'
She said, 'Hung lung, wun lung, sup it from the bung bung.'
Swiss for 'You'll get nowt.'
By the Wapping Blue Lagoon, as in my arms she lay
She said, 'Oojaar kerpip olly golly what a chip.'
That means, 'Charley, take it away.'
'Eisel, mysel, savitas and lysal'
That means, 'Eat more fruit.'
And I told her the tale of there was an old woman of Gloucester
'Hankum, shankum, shipum celonee
Osher, cosher, mosher, posher, wash a nobby knee
Oganonka, goganonka', that is Kanakanee
For 'Blimey, I'll slip it across yer.' 
The end