T.W. Connor

Performed by Billy Bennett
(Almost a Gentleman)

  The Anchor was weighed - the Anchor was weighed
In the scale at the rag-shop it went
The sailor stood chewing the knob off the door
For all his bad money was spent.

He'd squandered three ha'pence in less than a week
His wife asks for money - in vain
Says, what have you done with it?
All he can say - is
"The mice have been at it again!"

So the sailor comes home -
He's bound to come home
For nothing - his longing - can force back
At the end of the trip
He comes home on his ship
Well... you wouldn¹t expect him on horseback!

And he's tattooed from top to bottom
With broken hearts, cupids and arrows
The flags of all nations, and all kinds of fruit
From cod-fish to vegetable marrows.

And many a dark and stormy night
He thinks of his sweetheart Nell
And the soldier who came to see him off
And wish him - a soldiers farewell.
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