T. W. Connor
Billy Bennett
I'd known her from her 'Baby days' 
And watched her grow apace, 
Her lovely eyes and glossy hair, 
And figure-full of grace.

And when I claimed her for my own 
I thought she loved me too! 
Our home was like a paradise, 
But too good to be true.

No wonder she had admirers
And all her own way somehow,
For I petted and pampered my darling 
Like the fool that I was.. and now

Gone! from my life for ever,
Gone! with the rogue of her choice. 
At night, when the clocks are chiming, 
I fancy I hear her voice.

I knew there was trouble brewing!
Ever since HE came next door;
She seemed to look sly and suspiciousy
As she never had done before.

One night, when the moon was shining, 
She silently stole away
To meet the villain who'd lured her
To the life that the world calls 'Gay!'

Though I called her name endearing, 
To try and bring her back
For the sake of her little family,
No answer... she'd 'beat the track.'

But 'Revenge is sweet, I'll get him,' 
And the world shall know 'What for'
So just as the day was dawning, 
I crept out by the old back door.

And creeping along like a serpent, 
I hadn't long to wait, 
For there was she, the vixen! 
Close by the garden gate ...

Then a face peered over the garden-wall 
And I cursed him with all my might, 
But he only glared back defiance 
And made no attempt at flight.

One look at him... he was guilty!
My pistols I couldn't get at, 
So I sent a brick-bat crashing
And a scared voice said, ' What's that? '

But I crashed more bricks at the blackguard 
As I hissed, 'Take that ! and that!' 
Then I turned to the voice and answered, 
'Oh, darn your old Tom Cat!' 
The end