Billy Bennett
(Almost a Gentleman)
  They say a man's known by the company he keeps
I think that a lie and a scandal
'Cos I've mixed with company I didn't expect
At the seaside, in bed with a candle.

You can't judge a man by the corns on his chest
But you'll soon know his trade by his caddy
And you can't judge a woman by what she's got on
It's what she takes off proves a lady.

I'm a sailor, I am. People sing about me
When there's any rough weather I find it
But give me a place with the mast to my face
When I'm sick give me somewhere behind it.

My dad was a sailor from Plymouth, named Drake
One night on the Hoe he'd been sozzling
He said, "Marry me, Chuck," to a dear little duck
And I was their first little gosling.

I'm captain of my ship. I worked my way up
To the bridge of H.M.S. Renown
Then a gale blew a blast, swung me twice round the mast
Through the funnel I worked my way down.
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