Billy Bennett
(Almost a Gentleman)
Billy Bennett
We met in the garden of rhubarb
One Summer last Winter next year
The earwigs were gambling one with another
One gambled in your ear and out of the other
You stole my heart and you left me
As cold as a plate of plum-duff
But memories will always repeat, dear
So will radishes if you've enough.

And when the birds are softly cooing
I'll be thinking of you
When I'm on the road to ruin 
I'll be thinking of you
When the sun goes down in splendour
I'll be feeling very tender
Where you trapped me with a fender
And my dreams came true.

When the shades of night are stealing
I'll be thinking of you
When I get the gruesome feeling
What shall I do?
When the navvies drink their ale up
When they burn the county jail up
When the horse he keeps his tail up
I'll be thinking of you.

When the parrot can't stop talking
I'll be thinking of you
When the kiddies stare at courting
That's nobody's business
For we quarrelled sad to tell, dear
Yes, we fell out in the dell, dear
And your teeth fell out as well, dear
And we had no glue, glue, glue, glue, glue
Where the onions breathed their message
Till the mash deserts the sausage
Though your ringlets you kept shaken
You were folks, I was mistaken
Now when I see hair on bacon
I'll be thinking of you.
The end