written by
Mab Davis (1946)
performed by
Ronald Gourlay
 Habits are the things you do,
That Mother tells you not to!
Yet you keep on doing 'em
Be-cos, somehow, you've got to,

There's biting nails and sniffing,
And standing on one leg...
And leaving all the white stuff
You find inside your egg.

There's fidgettin' and whistling,
And shufflin' with your feet,
Talking with your mouth full,
And 'noisin' when you eat.

There's suckin' your lead pencil,
Tiltin' up your chair,
Elbows on the table
And messin' up your hair.

There's frowin' stones and gruntin'
And kicking things about,
Puttin' hands in pockets
When you ought to keep 'em out.

There's making funny faces
And always saying "eh?"
Forgettin' you've a hanky
And getting in the way.

There's lots of other things, as well,
(I'm always being told!)
I don't suppose I'll ever learn,
Not even when I'm old,

Be-cos I'll tell you sometin'...
(Honest! it's quite true!)
Half the things that I do... Well!
Daddy does 'em, too!  
The end