written by
Kitty Kennedy Allen & Kennedy Allen
performed by
Will Fyffe
 I'm a Scot and I'm Married, two things I can't help,
I'm Married... but I have no wife....
For she bolted and left me... but that's nothing new,
It happens sa often in life. 

So I journeyed ta London, for that's where she'd gone
With her lover to hide her disgrace,
And though London's a big town I swore I'd not rest
Till I'd searched every street in the place.

And I tramped... how I tramped... weary mile upon mile,
Till exhausted and ready to drop.
I would not give in, so I climbed on a bus,
And took a front seat on the top.

We came to a halt in a brightly lit square
To my joy, there ma lassie I spied,
Looking weary and worn but thank Heaven... alone,
From my heart, 'Maggie, Maggie!' I cried.

She gasped with delight as I rose from ma seat,
But a harrowing thought made me wince,
I couldna get off... for I'd paid ma fare,
And I've never caught sight of her since.  
The end