Gerry Hamill (1919)
 I'm the bloke that's trained to sit
 Behind the public stamp machines
When you come to post a letter in the rain
'Ow I laugh to 'ear the curses
As they fiddle in their purses
For a penny piece that won't pop out again.

It’s me job to put the rolls of stamps behind the little slot
So you get one when you pokes your money through.
'Ow I giggle at the slangin'
And the nasty tempered bangin'
If it don't come out when it's supposed to do.

If the stamp machines gets busy I put up me 'empty' signs,
Then I makes me tea and 'as a little snack,
But the stream of filthy language
Doesn’t put me off me sangwidge
'Cause I'm taught to smile and never answer back.

Now, the proper way to buy a stamp is from the counter clerk,
Who provides a queue where you can 'ang about;
If you don't know any better 
Than to write your flippin' letter
After five, then you deserve to go without. 
The end