Ted summoned his friends in't west country,
From Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and Frome
And also a lot of relations from Scotland
Who’d come south and wouldn’t go home.

The north counties rallied round Harold
Where his cause had support of the masses
And his promise of loot brought a lot of recruits
From more of the working classes.

The big day was not long coming.
To the polls the people did go,
First Harold then Ted would be leading
With never a glimmer of hope for Jo.

After the counting were over,
The Tories rejoiced at their score.
They had three hundred and two, which wasn't so bad,
As t’others had three hundred and four!

'What about another election," said Harold.
Jo said "Nay, not today.”
And Ted said "Aye, well let's toss up."
"Good idea" Harold answers "Okay"

  They tossed, it were heads for Labour
And tails for t’other way 'bout,
HaroId lent them 'is two headed penny,
So the answer was never in doubt.

When penny came down head side uppards,
Just as Harold had planned
He knew he’d be sitting in power next week
In his chair with his pipe in his hand.

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