And Linfield was out of the cup!
All the Micks had lovely fat faces
And the Prods. were all queueing for soup.
There was Fenians in all the high places
And MacLiamoor was playing The Group.
The shipyard arrived like lightening,
I knew I'd find Orangeman there
But, what I did find was frightening
Speaking in Gaelic, they were.
The whole bloody city was stinking
There was nowhere a Proddy could go.
It was desperate thoughts I was thinking
Then it come in a flash, Sandy Row "
I knew they'd be loyal to Lizzie
And I wouldn't be left in the lurch
But when I got there, they were busy,
Building a Catholic church!
I went back to the fella that brought me,
He was having a snooze at the gate.
I tried to get by but he caught me.
"You can't get away from your fate!"
Sez I, "I don't like what you've brought me
If I'd known, I'd never have came."
Sez he and him standing fornenst * me
"Sure in here we all are the same.
  In here perfect freedom is given,
To wander about, it's as well.
It's just that some think it's Heaven
And then, again, some think it's Hell!"
I'm a ghost now, but I'm just a beginner,
But if I was a mortal again,
I'd be nice to the Micks and the Shimmers
And I'd write to the Pope now and then.
Every man on this Earth is your brother
So don't write those things on the wall,
For, if we love one another...
We'll find out there's no Hell, at all.

Lemass ( Sean Lemass, former Prime Minister in Dublin )
Fenians ( Republicans )
MacLiamoor (Famous actor in The Gate Theatre Dublin)
The Group (Small theatre in Belfast)
Sandy Row (Loyalist area in Belfast)
Fornenst (In front of me)

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