Then Androckles, wi' a special attachment
On 'is jack-knife ('e 'd been a Boy Scout)
Tells t' lion 'ow 'e 'd got a badge for first aid
An proceeded to take this thorn out.

Says t' lion "I owes thee a favour
An' seein' as tha's not got a bike,
Next week, if me paw's a bit better,
I'll gi' thee a lift 'ome if yer like."

As 'e watched t' lion limp into t' bushes,
'E thought "That's my good deed for today."
Then t'lion turns round an' says "See thee next week."
Says Androckles "Next Sunday, O.K.?"

Just then 'e 'ears voice from be'ind 'im,
"That were fine selfless deed tha' s just done
In 'elpin' that dee-fenceless creature.
Tha must be a Christian, my son."

'E says "Nay, I'm a Lions' supporter.
I've lived all me life 'ere in Rome
An' in all the years I've bin supportin' the Lions,
They've never bin beaten at 'ome!"

  "But tha's got it all wrong," says this fella,
Them Christians, they don't stand a chance.
Now, when did tha last see a lion
Wi' skidmarks on 'is underpants?"

Now, Androckles weren't stroppy when 'e 'd 'ad a drink,
So 'e listened while this faeel spoke.
'E agreed an' says "Aye, mate, it does make yer think."
Not wishin' to upset this bloke.

Then this fella kept quotin' these scriptures
An' went on an' went on an' went on
An' went on an' went on an' went on an' went on
An' went on an' went on an' went on.

Androckles were dyin' to get 'ome for 'is dinner
An' spend t' afternoon up in bed,
But this fella went on an' went on an' went on,
Till Androckles believed all 'e said.

Well, ..... 'e' s got 'ome about 'appast Tuesday
An' 'is Sunday din looked a right mess.
As 'e ate it 'e' s tried to explain to 'is Mam
'E 'd become a ..... Jehovah's Witness.

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