"Can yer get me a ticket thi Sat'day,
See, I'm broke, in a bit of an 'ole.
There's no pay for this job as Jehovah's Witness,
But they've gone an' suspended me dole."

"Try t' back door." Nero says, "Players' Entrance,
An' tell the bloke there tha knows me,
Then give 'im this letter I'm writing.
An' tha'll get in for nowt, lad, you'll see!"

Says Androckles, "Could I ask one more favour?
It sounds daft, an' tha might think it strange.
D'yer think I could put me 'ead in t' lion's mouth?"
Nero says "Well, ..... that could be arranged."

So, next Sat'day, Androckles, 'e 's there at t' back door
Wi' 'is letter from Nero in t' 'and
An' gives it to t' doorman, who's welcomed 'im in,
Expectin' a seat in t' grandstand.

But, instead of a seat in the grandstand,
'E were in the arena, INSIDE,.
An' comin' straight at 'im, this thumpin' great lion,
Androckles thought, "'E' s MILES offside!"

  'E 's looked round, but no flag from the linesman,
Then, convinced that 'is end were quite near,
As t' lion came at 'im 'e 's noticed,
It were limpin' to 'is nearside rear.

Then, suddenly, t' lion puts all 'is brakes on,
'Cos on t' tee-shirt upon this lad's chest,
'Androckles' it read, that name does ring a bell!
'Androckles - Jehovah's Witness'

They stared at each other a moment,
Rememb'rin' 'ow they'd met before.
"That's 'im right enough," thought Androckles,
"There's me 'andkerchief tied round 'is paw!"

"Ee, am I glad it's thee!" says Androckles,
Amazed at this... strange twist of fate.
Then t' lion, (who'd 'ad nowt to eat for ten days)
Says, "Not me. Tha's got t' wrong lion, mate!"

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