Dave Carr

They thought Noah was sick in the brain
When they overheard what he was saying.
"I must finish this ark
Before it goes dark,
As the weather man said it might rain."

Then a rustling was heard in the trees.
Noah thought it was only the breeze;
'Till he looked up and saw,
Coming in through the door,
Two bats and two birds and two bees.

There came beasts from all over the land.
Noah said "This is not what I'd planned.
My cabin is full
With two bears and a bull
There's hardly enough room to stand."

Noah cried out "Any more!"
And a gibbon replied "Mr. Noah.
If you could just wait
For me and my mate.
She's ugly but such a good rower."

  They were just casting off from the jetty,
When someone cried “where's the yeti?"
Then running up the sand
There arrived hand in hand,
Just in time, two yetis all sweaty.

The problem with driving an ark
Is it's hard to reverse in the dark;
You can go without lights,
For at least forty nights,
Before you find somewhere to park.

The monkey was out of his tree
He said "this is not fair to me.
I know space is tight,
But I don't think it's right
To be sharing my bunk with a flea."

Noah called down to the shark,
"There's no place for you on this ark."
Said the shark, “You old fool.
Have you not built a pool?”
And he swam off to sulk in the dark

Noah said, "Here’s some friendly advice.
The toilets are not very nice.
Don't push for the loo.
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