Form an orderly queue.
And the elephants - please flush it twice."

Noah said "I can tell where we are
By looking at the North Star.
We're on a big pond,
In the back of beyond,
And I don't think we've gone very far."

After three days the weather was mean,
And the ark would sway, tilt and lean.
"Ewe!" a sheep cried,
Leaning over the side,
And a pair of chameleons turned green.

The yetis said "Don't forget,
We want to get off at Tibet."
They left on a raft.
Noah thought they were daft.
They're probably still drifting yet.

The woodpeckers started to peck
'Till they'd made a big hole in the deck.
A voice from inside
Said, "this sunroof's so wide,
It will let the giraffe stretch his neck."
  The elephant went to complain
When his deck chair collapsed with the strain.
"Call this a cruise?
Just look at my bruise!
I wish now that I'd taken the train."

Noah woke up one night in his bunk
To the horrible smell of a skunk.
He swore and he cursed,
But was glad, 'cos at first,
He'd thought it was something he'd drunk.

The giraffe said, "I feel rather daft;
But my neck's in a bit of a draught;
So I've knitted pyjamas
With wool from the llamas."
The hyenas saw them and laughed.

The camel was down in the dumps.
He'd a puncture in both of his humps.
It didn't last long,
'Cos Noah came along,
And blew them up with the bilge pumps.

"I'll be the chef," said the duck.
"I'm a world famous Cordon Bleu cook.
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