Crawford Howard

A loyal band of Orangemen from Ulster's lovely land,
They could not march upon the 12th - processions was all banned,
So they flew off till the Middle East this dreadful law to dodge
And they founded in Jerusalem the Arab Orange Lodge

Big Ali Bey who charmed the snakes he was the first recruit,
John James McKeag from Portglenone learned him till play the flute
And as the oul' Pied Piper was once followed by the rats
There followed Ali till the lodge ten snakes in bowler hats.

They made a martial picture as they marched along the shore.
It stirred the blood when Ali played "The fez my father wore"
And Yussef Ben Mohammed hit the "lambeg" such a bash
  It scared the living daylights from a Camel in a sash!

Now the movement spread both far and wide - there were lodges by the score.
The "Jerusalem Purple Heroes" was the first of many more,
The "Loyal Sons of Djeddah" and the "Mecca Purple Star"
And the "Rising Sons of Jericho" who came by motor car".

The banners too were wonderful and some would make you smile
King Billy on his camel as he splashed across the Nile -
But the Tyre and Sidon Temperance had the best one of them all
For they had a lovely picture of Damascus Orange Hall!

The Apprentice boys of Amman marched beneath the blazing sun,
The Royal Black Preceptory were negroes every one
And lodges came from Egypt, from the Abu Simbel Falls,
And they shouted "No Surrender!" and We'll guard old Cairo's walls!"
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