(They got on the fost'un as came)
Roger Watson
  Now Arthur and Sam they were brothers
Who had spent all their lives pretty near
In a place as is called Ostley Woodhouse
That's near Ostley in Derbyshire

Of vices they hadn't got many
They said "smoking and drinking's for fools"
But they both clubbed together each week wi'out fail
And had 10 bob on th'old football pools

Now folks use to say that were 10 bob down drain
There was better things they could have done
And they'd never see owt of their money again '
Til one week they upped and they won

There were only nine draws on coupon that week
And Arthur and Sam had got eight
A bloke come from papers to ask how they felt
And both on 'em said "Bloody Great"

Next wednesday a fellow come round wi the cheque
It was 50 odd thousand they drew
And Sam went straight out for a new suit of clothes
And Arthur Said "I'll get one too"

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