Frank Daniel

Canowindra, NSW, Australia

  Aunt Martha bought a bumper sticker from the local Christian store:
'Honk if you love Jesus' was the message that it bore.
Convinced the world would honk with her, and praise the Lord for sure,
She stuck it on her bumper bar, face glowing with allure.

Midst traffic in the crowded streets, she stopped at an intersection.
The lights were red; subconsciously, she lapsed into reflection.
How proud she was to serve the Lord, 'a good servant she had been',
Whilst dreaming on she didn't see the lights had changed to green.

Oblivious to the world around, she beamed with reverent awe,
Until awakened by horns honking, from fifty cars or more.
The bloke behind was shouting loud, 'For God's sake, Go! Go! Go!'
In the name of all things Holy she heard others start to blow.

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