Mal Brown

  Here's a tale for you lovers of drama
And all of you students of history
Concerning that geezer
Called Julius Caesar
And Brutus, the soldier of mystery.

Brutus was fighting for honour
And wearing his armour with pride.
Caesar, the rat,
(a big one at that)
Was there seeing Brutus's bride.

One night in the bed full of passion,
Where Caesar and her had their parties,
Caesar stopped dead,
"What's rattling?" he said.
To which she said, "Brutus's Smarties.

He keeps them right here in the pillow;
There's only me knows that they're there."
He said, "And me.
I'll have two or three;
He won't notice. There's thousands to spare."

Brutus returned from the battle
To be showered with honour and kisses.
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