Hugh McCallion

  Tom Clancy was an Irishman who very often drank;
In fact the neighbours christened him "The Ballyrunion Tank."
When he was on the razzle, morning, night or noon,
You'd find him in O'Reilly's Bar or "Yankee Mick's" saloon.

His only source of funding was his uncle Mick Magee,
Who kindly died and left him a handsome legacy;
Five thousand pounds in total, but 'twas never Mick's intent,
That propagating alcohol was how it should be spent.

At any hour, day or night, Tom would drink your health,
And buy the drinks for everyone to celebrate his wealth.
He bought himself a fancy hat from Flynns of Mullingar;
He lost his love for cigarettes and smoked a big cigar.

But then, alas, one morning that boyo Tom awoke
And to his horror realised that he was stony broke.
He kicked his stetson round the room, he ranted and he cursed,
For he had upon himself a mighty awful thirst.

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