The divvle roared with laughter. "Bedad," said Tom, "it's cat,
Sneakin' up behind a bloke, now that's enough o' that."

The divvle taunted Clancy, said he: "I've got you beat;
Just keep away from shadows when you're walking down the street.
You'll be a nervous wreck my boy, forgive me if I gloat,
You'll never know where I might be to grab you by the throat!"

Said Clancy: "If you strangled me you'd be an awful chump,
You might have satisfaction but you'd also have your stump.
So think before you leap me boy, be careful if you do,
For I would not think twice about eliminatin' you!"

With that "The Tank" picked up the axe but Nick had chosen flight -
A quick retreat into the street and hurtled through the night.
And there and then, the story goes, "The Tank" lit out for town,
  And strode up to the Parochial House and woke up Father Brown.

Said he: "The love of alcohol has nearly cost me dear,
So I'm prepared to pledge myself to shun it for a year."
And sure enough the words that he and Father Brown had spoken,
Were honoured to the letter and that pledge was never broken.

They say he emigrated to Chicago, USA,
And lived a life of abstinence until his dying day.
And many times I’ve heard it said that elf could not be found
To nullify the magic spell when Clancy went to ground.

Now as the story nears its end you wonder if it's true,
So, if you'd like to prove a point, I'll tell you what to do.
If you should meet the divvle, in some God-forsaken spot,
Just yank his tail to see if it is genuine or not!

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