From out the gloom of the living room the rascal poked his snout,
And Clancy saw behind the door some cases labelled "Stout".
In his finest brogue he addressed the rogue, said he: "Me fine oul man,
I'm desperate for a drop to drink, please help me if you can."

Old Satan's mate brought out a crate said he: "They come in twelves,
Such quality you seldom see and not on bar room shelves."
The old man brought another lot said he: "That's twenty four,
Just help yourself, it's on the house, and I have plenty more."

While the old man meditated on a partnership so sinful,
That boyo Tom proceeded on his way towards a skinful.
Then Satan's friend related how to get some money quick,
"Abandon all your principles and flog your soul to Nick."
  The prospect of some ready cash suited Tom so well
That the old man sent a message to the gaffer down in hell;
And very soon old Lucifer was on his way to earth,
His wallet stuffed with five pound notes, to value Clancy's worth.

Satan was delighted and his eyes lit up with joy,
For this potential divvle was a fine broth of a boy.
The old man brought another case and watched with an evil grin
The antics of this new recruit to the devil's ranks of sin.

They started off to bargain at a level fifty quid,
But though "The Tank" was sozzled he refused to take the bid.
Then each man spat upon his palm and slapped each other's hand,
Then signed and sealed the bargain for an even half a grand.

The divvle then departed back to his sooty cavern,
And Clancy made a bee-line for the nearest whiskey tavern.
His contract gave him just a month to booze and court the ladies,
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