Then Satan would return again to escort him to Hades.

For thirty days he lived it up and spent the divvle's lolly,
'Twas not until the final night he realised his folly.
His doom was sealed without a doubt and hell would be his fate,
With heavy heart he settled down, Nick's coming to await.

At twelve o'clock the divvle said, he'd call and take him down,
To where the evil doers burned far beneath the ground.
This awful thought made Clancy feel sorry for himself -
Then from the stormy darkness came a little Irish elf.

Said he: "My boy I'm sorry that fate has played a trick,
And left you to the mercy of that rotten rascal Nick.
For you to go way down below that would indeed be tragic,
So I've come here to help you with my fairy magic."

  Alhough "The Tank" had often heard about these little folk,
He'd always thought that they were just another Irish joke;
Yet here before his very eyes, and much to his delight,
Was one of them there little men to save him from his plight.

The fairy man held in his hand a little leather purse;
Said he: "This is the very thing to break the divvle's curse."
He held aloft his magic wand to cast the fairy spell,
That would enable Clancy to dodge the flames of hell.

Then unto Tom the elf man said: "This should be very funny,
For when the divvle comes for you he won't have any money;
So if you tell him that you need a drink before you go,
He'll have to change himself into the necessary dough;

Then put him in this little purse, though he may rage and shout,
Just keep him there and don't you dare to let the rascal out."
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