Now Clancy's mind was working fast, said he unto the elf:
"I cannot understand why he should have to change himself,

When all around there can be found a host of things that he
Could transfer into ready cash to buy a drink for me."
"The divvle is the boss of hell," the little man replied,
"He can alter into currency anything inside.

But earthly things he cannot change so rest assured he will
Exchange into the wherewithal with which to foot the bill."
Scarcely had the little man departed through the door
When Clancy and the divvle were face to face once more.

Said Lucifer: "The time has come for you to go to hell."
Now was the time for "Tom the Tank" to test the magic spell.
"I'm ready, Sir," said Clancy, "but first things must be first,
Before I start the journey I'll have to quench my thirst.
  It's my last request please do your best to help me, Mr Nick;
A bottle of Dew* at twelve and six, that should do the trick."
The divvle knew that Clancy could be an awkward cuss;
If he didn't get that bottle he sure would make a fuss.

*Tullamore Dew - Irish Malt Whiskey

He didn't want to fight him so perhaps 'twould be as well
To have him inebriated on the journey down to hell.
Suddenly in that little room there was a blinding flash
As Satan changed himself into the necessary cash;

And sure enough when Clancy looked there upon the ground,
Was the twelve-and-six he'd asked for, ten bob and half-a-crown.
Clancy placed the money in the purse and closed it tight,
And there and then old Lucifer had an awful fright.

He very quickly realised that he could not get out,
Or change again into himself so he began to shout.
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