The magic of the little elf had made it to repel
The evil touch of Lucifer, that scallywag from hell
Clancy sprang to action and grabbed the axe again,
And flayed the half-a-dollar with all his might and main.

The divvle roared in anguish and was a sorry sight,
As he tried his best to parley but Clancy roared delight;
Until at last the effort began to hurt his head,
So he stopped awhile and listened to what was being said.

"I know," said Nick, "when I am licked, you really did outwit me,
So I will bargain once again and if you will permit me,
The offer that I made before I'm now prepared to double
And never be to you again a source of any trouble.

I know my solemn promise isn't worth a tinker's curse,
But you have for security my tail inside the purse."
That's a very daisent offer," said "The Ballyrunion Tank,"
"How would it be transacted, now, by cash or through a bank?"
  Old Nick responded eagerly: "Your wish is my command,
You can have it how you want it but I favour cash in hand."
A squall of logic hit "The Tank", though his head was hurting bad,
Could this be just another trick from Nick the Master Cad?

"I'd be an awful eejit now, to have you for me banker,
I have," said he, "no guarantee you wouldn't work a flanker."
"Now listen Mr Clancy, Sir" - said Tom: "Don't bullshit me!
Don't give me no more blarney hopin' I will set you free."

"I wouldn't dream of that my boy, I know 'twould only fail,
For after all is said and done you've got my bleeding tail!"
The divvle offered Tom his hand, said he "Now put it there,
You are a man of honour and you said the deal was fair.

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