Twenty brand new five-pound notes each Friday night I'll pay,
So let us act like gentlemen, then I'll be on my way."
Although the divvle's tail was safe, thanks to the fairy wand,
Clancy hesitated to accept the outstretched hand.

He scratched his head and shuffled, and thought another bit,
Then moved his body forward and took the divvle's mitt.
The divvle flexed his muscles and gave a mighty squeeze,
Which shocked "The Ballyrunion Tank" and brought him to his knees.

This superhuman effort made Nick the boss again,
And soon the very rafters rang as Clancy howled in pain.
The divvle pressed advantage and then relaxed his grip,
Said he: "I will release you when we both can make the trip.

You know that fairy magic has got me in a fix,
So open up that little purse and don't try any tricks."
  Said Tom: "You are the better man; you've got the drop on me,
So I'm prepared to compromise if you will set me free.

Forget about the hundred quid and takin' me to hell,
And I will open up the purse and break the magic spell."
The divvle chuckled loudly and gave the arm a twist,
And Clancy yelled: "Ah! Ah! You'll break me flamin' wrist!

All right! All right! You win! You win! Anything you say!
I'll open up the little purse; I'll do it right away."
And as he crawled across the room the divvle held him hard,
To emphasise supremacy - another Joker card!

As Clancy bent to pick it up he recognised a fact,
In spite of all the hammering the purse was still intact.
The baton of the little elf had done its job so well
That the purse was indestructible within the magic spell.

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