Clancy grabbed the magic purse and pressed with all his might
Upon the hand entwined in his, with knuckles showing white.
The divvle gave a frightened yell as he released his grip,
And hurled himself across the room in monumental flip.

Once again his victory had changed into defeat,
As Clancy grabbed the chopper and chased him to the street.
Clancy placed the leather purse upon the table top
And arced the woodman's axe into another mighty chop.

Again there was a piercing scream and then an awful roar,
As Lucifer propelled himself against the cottage door.
And there the fallen angel fell down upon his knees:
"For God's sake put the axe away, it's meant for felling trees."
Said Clancy: "I have had enough of bargaining with you,
Just sit down there upon a chair, I'll tell you what to do."
  The divvle patted tenderly his rather sore behind.
I'd much prefer to stand," said he, "that's if you wouldn't mind."

Said Tom: "It doesn't matter, to me 'tis all the same."
Then from the night into the light the little elf man came.
Clancy was delighted to see the little elf,
Although he knew he'd disapprove of bargaining for pelf.

The little man held out his hand, said he: "I'll take the purse,
I never should have trusted you." said Tom: "It could be worse.
I know that crafty divvle took me for a ride,
But shure I did me level best to keep his tail inside."

The little elf man nodded, said he: "An' that you did,
Although your motivation was the weekly hundred quid."
And then he fixed the divvle with an elf man look austere:
"How nice it is to see you, Nick, petrified with fear!"

The divvle looked uneasy and shuffled both his feet,
For Hades folk and elf men don't very often meet.
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