T ' chap at silly mid on 'ad to dive 'is full length
An' just caught 'im out, fair an' square.

Course, ev'ryone there shous out "Owzat?",
Looks at t' Vicar, and then feared the worst,
'Cos 'is 'ands were still clasped be'ind backside
An' says "Nay, lads. That 'it the ground first."

Now, the next ball, 'e's missed it completely,
It went straight between bat and pad,
An' when t' team saw one of 'is bails fall to t'ground,
Well, it looked like the best chance they'd 'ad.

They all screamed "Owzat?" an' jumped up in the air,
What could t' Vicar do? What could 'e say?
'E'd almost unclasped 'ands be'ind backside,
When 'is Lordship says "Windy today."

By this time, our Sam 'e were gettin' upset
An' so were all t' rest of 'is lads.
'E's let t' next ball fly goin' straight for 'is stumps,
Til it turned when it 'it t' Lordship's pads.

Well, they shouted "Owzat?" as a matter of course,
Knowin' t' umpires were not on their side.
T'Vicar signalled to t' fella on t' scoreboard
To put up one run for a 'wide'.
  Wot wi' t' no-ball, that meant there'd be one more deliv'ry.
Sam Postlethwaite paced out 'is run.
'E comes gallopin' up an' 'e's let go that ball
Like summat come out of a gun.

Sam bowled that last ball at 'is Lordship wi' vengeance,
Sent 'is middle stump flyin' for yards.
THIS time e'd go back to t' pavilion .....
Well..... it looked very much on the cards.

Lordship glared down the wicket at Sam Postlethwaite
As though 'e'd committed some crime.
Then, Seein' t' Vicar's 'ands still be'ind backside,
Sam says "Nearly 'ad 'im that time!"

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