Frank Daniel

Canowindra, NSW, Australia


The Dunny is an icon of Australia. Dunnies belonged in backyards until modernisation saw them move indoors but the real dunny in the bush remained up the back for much longer, and still exists in a lot of country areas. The old one-holer was a common sight, but there existed a good number of two-holers such as :

Doyle owned a service station on a God-forsaken track,
twas somewhere up the country, just a little bit outback.
Travellers often came his way, and surely when they did
they d be busting for the dunny, every woman, man and kid.

Most blokes were ever happy just to go behind a tree
but folks elite would much prefer a toilet when they pee.
But trees were rare on Doyley's plain, not one for fifty kays,
whilst privacy behind a car was not part of their ways.

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