Well, the session got started in earnest,
He had style, generations of breeding,
But he slowed down a bit, well, he was on his test
And did not want to get done for speeding.

With the landlord and landlady both busy serving
And the barmaid was stacking a shelf,
He somehow got all their attention
When he called out "And one for yourself."

He reversed from the bar with a full tray of drinks,
Then did an emergency stop
And a three-point turn at the landlord's dog
Without spilling one single drop.

The examiner thought "He's a natural, this kid,
How easy he makes it all look."
When he questioned the lad on the Drinking Code,
You'd have thought Georgie'd written the book.

"I've seen enough." said the examiner,
"It's the first case that I've ever seen
Of anyone getting full marks on a test
On the very day he was eighteen."
  He gave him a slip saying he'd passed him,
And everyone gave him three cheers.
"Well done! How d'yer do it?" they asked him. .....He said
"I've been practicing now for three years."

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