Alan Lavercombe 1975
  T' other night, for me tea, t' wife did fishcakes,
Now that always puts me in mind
Of the day that fishcakes was invented,
T' were year dot, and a Friday you'll find.

I recall it were just before Easter,
P'raps the year before, now let me think,
Me first annual Passover outing,
First time Mam an' Dad let me drink.

Wallace Arnold took us to the seaside,
Though the season 'ad not started yet,
There were bugger-all live entertainment,
Or things to do when it were wet.

Exceptin' for goin' to see t' hippies
Wot 'ung around under t' North Pier,
Which were 'andy for t' big fish an' chip shop,
Wi' a pub an' a toilet quite near.

They was called J.C. an' 'is Disciples,
An' tha should 'ave seen t' things that they did,
Well, they've written a book about J.C.,
Ee bah gum, 'e were good were this kid!

Now, the word 'ad got round that our hero, J.C.
Could make sick people well wi' 'is 'ands.
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