"But the shops is all shut for t' Passover."
J.C. says "What d'yer expect me to do?"
"Well, we'd 'eard you'd got friends in high places,
That is if the rumours are true."

"Can yer be a good lad? 'Ave a word wi' yer Dad,
Tell 'im this 'ere's all t' food we could find."
J.C. says "Well, O.K., I could 'ave a quick pray,
But don't expect miracles, mind!"

"Aye oop, Dad." says J.C. 'e were praying, like this,
As if talkin' to ..... well, you know.
'E says "Five thousand customers, that's too good to miss,
Get thy finger out, Dad, 'ave a go!"

But 'is Dad says "Six days shalt thou labour!"
"Don't muck about, Dad, I'm in trouble,
An' I've only twelve mates. I'll pay union rates.....
Time an' 'alf to you, Dad!" ..... "Nay, son, double!"

"Eee, our Dad, you do drive an 'ard bargain,
But no trimmings, let me make a few bob,
I don't want 'em frightenin' wi t' flashes of lightnin'.
Just a straightforward caterin' job!"
  'E's set to wi' t' five loaves an' two fishes,
'Ow 'e's managed it no one can tell,
Not even 'is son, least 'e never let on
What else 'is Dad's chucked in as well.

But 'e's fed the five thousand wi' some left to spare
Afore us went 'ome from us Wakes.
'E's looked down on t' do from 'is 'Birdseye' view
An' says "Eee, I've created fishcakes!"

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