Hugh McCallion
  'Twas Saturday night in the little ole town;
A handful of drifters was kinda hangin' aroun'.
Some music was escapin' from The Star Saloon
From an ole pianer that was way out o' tune.

Then a hootin' an' a hollerin' an' shootin' in the air
Came Hank an' his boys from the Circle and Square.
They hitched their horses outside The Star,
Still a hootin' an' a hollerin' an' headed for the bar.

As ramrod Pete kicked a batwing door
An' ole hound dog crossed the bar room floor.
Pete pulled his gun with a loud guffaw
An' then he ventilated that hound dog's paw.

As bartender Pat was seein' to the boys
Along came the Sheriff investigatin' noise.
"Now listen up men you'd better calm down,
We don't like shootin' in this here town."

"Ah come on now Sheriff there's no harm done,
Me an' ma boys we wuz just havin' fun.
What Pete's been a doin' ain't against no law;
He just shot a hole in a hound dog's paw."

"Ah'm tellin' you guys an' Ah'm tellin' you plain,
You'd better not fire them guns again.
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