then told the boss to 'fill 'em up!
it's nearly time to run.'

He downed those seven schooners
just as easily as the first,
then bought a dozen stubbies,
'just in case he got a thirst'.

He paid his debt, picked up his load,
and skipped off down the bar,
and soared out over the bat-wing doors
and out past Tommy's car.

Well, I looked at Jim, who stared at me,
and we gawked at the shearers too.
All blinked at the Boss, who shrugged at us,
and we wondered was it true.

Then we heard an awful crash,
and the shattering of glass.
Said Jim, "I think I've had enough
Might make that one me last"!

The bat-wing hinges creaked again
as the flea came through the door,
with a busted wing, an injured leg,
and a lump beneath his jaw.
  He looked at us distrustingly,
as he shivered, soaked in grog,
then bitterly he snapped these words,
"Who moved me flaming dog?"

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