Kevin Collier 1999
  We all lived wi' me Granma dahn in Filth Street, twenty-nine,
A scruffy little back-to-back, at t'side o' t' railway line.
T'canal were at one end o' t' street, at t'other, fact'ry wall
In fact it's t'biggest wonder we gor aht o' theer at all.

Me Granma were a character, y'nivver see 'em now;
All t'fam'ly used to worship her, a proper sacred cow;
She were full of old-world values, she were full o' Yorkshire grit,
She were allus full o' love, an' she were allus full, o' wit.

She brought up fot'teen kids, an' seven grandkids, ah recall;
An' once she supped a case o' stahtt, and brought that up an'all.
Me Grandad nivver went wi'aht, through all t'domestic dramas,
Till she fahnd aht what were causin t'kids, an' sewed up 'is pyjamas.

Wi'd seven 'ad ter share a bed, an' wi wuz lucky then,
'Cos when our Eileen started courtin', it were sometimes up ter ten.
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