Ah nivver 'ad a dummy, ah'd ter suck our Arthur's feet
An' if we'd mushy peas fer supper, then wi'd wek up in t'next street.

I still recall all t'fun we'd 'ave, at 'ome on Christmas Day,
Sittin' rahnd us old pianner, wishin' one of us could play;
Our George played tunes on knocked-off spoons, and sang wi' our Veronica;
An' our Eileen played on t'mouth organ, or it might a' bin our Monica.

Me Granma used to send us iv'ry Sat'der wi'aht fail
To t'boozer dahn on Wo'khouse Street, to fetch 'er back some ale.
We'd carry aht some 'emingways, or Dutton's in a can,
An' sometimes, after Christenin's, we'd carry aht me Gran

Yer car't tell t'young uns nowadays of t'hardships that wi've known;
We dint 'ave passive smokin' then, we 'ad to buy us own.
  Our Jack smoked sixty iv'ry day, wi' twenty pints between
An' despite what t'Doctor said to 'im, he lived ter be eighteen.

Me Grandad 'ad 'is little ways, 'e weren't at t'back o' t' do-or;
He'd tek all t'string off parcels and collect it in a drawer.
It meant we never 'ad to pay fer t'stuff we 'ad to send,
But t'GPO got nasty and they finished 'im in t'end.

Us do-ors wor allus oppen, 'cos us neighbours wuz us friends;
A shillin' or a cup o' sugar, allus theer ter lend;
And if th'y wuz as poo-or as us, wi'naht, as we could borrer,
We'd all gerrahnd an'd wreck their 'ouse, an' try agen tomorrer.

If we gev me Grandad any cheek, e'd tan us bloody hide;
And it nivver did us kids no 'arm (apart from t'two as died).
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