Brian Jacques
  An uproar swept the courtroom, the judge roared out in fury,
"I'll clear the court if there's any attempt to tamper wid the jury!"
"Meanie!" shouted the jurors (who were campin' all over the Court)
"Silence!..." called the sheriff "and bring in Nosegay the Sport."
Considerin' he was the first witless to this foul disgraceful deed,
An' he's never been known to take a bath, the front benches cleared at speed.
"You've no need to take the oath, or give us yer name as well ...
We're all aware that you're Nosegay, just by the 'orrible smell!
So tell the Court in yer very own words, what happened that night in July
Did Dirty Jake pee in the bitter, and kill Dirty Bridget MacFry?"
"He did yer worships I saw him, it was wid wilful intents
He went in the bitter 'cos he was too lazy to go to the gents."
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