Bill Froggatt

  Tha'll 'ave 'eard of owd Ephraim Copley;
'e once were a winder in t'mill,
An' in 'is spare time 'e kept poultry,
'e'd a grand place up on th'ill.

Now, one day t'town council surveyor
Looked round for a suitable site
For t'put up some new council 'ouses;
Owd Ephraim's pen were just right.

The town clerk sent 'im 'is notice,
An' on it, politely, were writ
"As th'owner o' t'poultry, etcetera,
You're 'ereby requested to flit."

Ephraim thowt it were no use a'skrikin',
So 'e starts an' 'as a look round,
An' about three hunderd yards up Cow Lane
Ee! a beltin' plot 'e found.

Now 'is problem were shiftin' t'big hencote;
Well, 'e'd built it to last mony years,
So 'e goes down to th'ale-shop that evenin'
An' axed fer a few volunteers.


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