'E paid fer a pint or two, gladly,
An' promised fer others to pay;
So six burly fellas come forrard
An' said as they'd shift it next day.

Well, t'day, it were th'ottest that summer,
An' t'cote, it were 'eavy as lead;
An' they huffed, an' they tugged, an' they panted,
An' some strange-soundin' adjectives said!

But Britons will never surrender,
So they kep' goin' while nearly there;
Then they put it down fer a minute,
Just t'ave a blow, as it were.

"Is Ephraim be'ind?" cried t'front 'un,
"'e's not 'ere," said 'im at t'back;
"Ner this side - ner this," shouted t'others,
"'e's not 'ere - is 'e 'eck!"

"Well, that's a nice thing!" said Willie 'igginbottom,
"Ah dunna ca' that gradely fair,
Us pullin' an' draggin' like bloody 'osses,
An' th'owner's not doin' 'is share."


  Then Ephraim's voice come fra' somewhere,
"Keep peggin' away, lads," 'e cried,
"An' don't thee accuse me o' dodgin'
Fer ah'm carryin' t'perches inside!"

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