Those chaps seem much less boring, and their chat seems erudite
One no longer gives a toss if they talking total . . . balderdash
But One must be very careful, anytime One has to speak
One’s husband drops a clanger almost every other week!
They say that he’s a racist, but he is really not one bit
He hates everybody equally, and he does not give a . . damn.

Still, now and then, One gets the urge to loosen up the hold
Do something slightly risque, just to break the mould!
There’s an EU banquet on tonight – everyone dressed up so swank
With that big wide German woman, who looks like a Tiger tank
The tiny Frenchman with his wife - another new designer dress!
And that big fat ugly Irish chap , who always looks a mess
One might need a little extra booze, to survive that kind of scrum
So if Old Berlusconi’s there, One might just grab HIS bum!
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