Peter Kendall

(With apologies to Longfellow)

Hiawatha mighty flier
He could take a flimsy glider
Strap it to his muscled body
Leap from off a hill-top bravely
Clutching grimly, heading downwards
Moving at a steady plummet
Watching ground come up to meet him
Landing upright if he's lucky.

When the hill is somewhat higher
He is airborne even longer.

Now it is that I must tell you
What befell our Hiawatha
How a flight became disaster
Why it is he's out of action
Lying in some distant 'hostel'
Chatting up the local nurses
Dreading wrath from his employer
Waiting till his leg is better.

You would find it hard to credit
Anyone could be so reckless.

Hiawatha, on vacation
Took his glider out of storage
Glued the fabric full of patches

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