Tightened nuts and greased the nipples
Checking that the struts and wires were
Safe for fancy flying, and was
Strong enough to take the force of
Unexpected terminations.

I'm inclined to think he should have
Made the same checks to his person.

Then, when everything was ready
He listened carefully to the forecast
Found the weather very doubtful
Found the winds were slack or fitful
Found them to be full of raindrops
Or blowing in the wrong direction
It was as if a curse had fallen
On the whole of Central England

What it is to have a hobby
Dependent on the English climate.

Hiawatha, nothing daunted
Searched amongst his maps and papers
Sought to find another hillside
Where the winds were blowing nicely
Upwards with sufficient force to
Stop him coming down too quickly

  Then he could persuade his colleagues
He was landing where he meant to.

In gliding this is never easy
Which is where the skill arises.

Eventually, Hiawatha
Found a spot just outside Portsmouth
Furthest and most inconvenient
For any rescue operations
With him went his trusty woman
Minihaha, laughing water,
Not without some grumbling mind you
He pretended not to notice.

He must have had a premonition
To have taken Minihaha.

Arriving at the chosen hill-top
Hiawatha, quickly ready
Launched himself with reckless courage
Promised dazzling aeronautics
Promised swooping, soaring, turning
Promised to be back by tea-time
Enviously she stood and watched him
Fly it straight into the hill-side.

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