Clearly this was a manoeuvre
Not hitherto referred to.

This was Minihaha's moment
Sprang the woman to the rescue
Sprang she down to help her husband
Through the wind and rain and cow-pats
Through the gorse and through the heather
Legs out flung but knees together
Sometimes slowing, never stopping
Until she reached the point of impact.

There he lay with one leg broken
More concerned about his glider.

Undismayed was Minihaha
Disentangling Hiawatha
From the bulky glider harness
Helpers sent in all directions
Shooing off the stupid heifers
Stowing glider on to car-roof
Getting patient on to stretcher.

Minihaha hadn't known hang
Gliding could be so exhausting.

  So now resides our Hiawatha
At the best 'Hotel' for patients
Mollycoddled, metal-plated
Contemplating his misfortune
Planning how he'll tell the story
Dreaming of stupendous thermals
Waiting for the day he's mended
Perhaps to buy another glider

In the meantime friends and family
Seek, for him, a safer hobby.

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