Hugh McCallion
Oul' Kevin was in great demand
Because he had for long
Been recognised for counting sheep
And never being wrong.
You'd see him on a market day,
Beside the biggest pen,
Concentrating very hard
And nodding now and then.

And even on occasion,
Though drovers did their best,
The sheep would break formation
And scamper east and west.
But Kevin never faltered,
His eye would never fail,
He'd get his calculation
Bang upon the nail.

Because such feats of counting
No one had ever seen,
They brought a maths professor
Down from Stephen's Green;
But viewed from every angle
His efforts were in vain,
This style of calculating
He just could not explain.

But then, alas, oul Kevin
Was taken very ill,
And sent for his solicitor
To notarise his Will;
And then he called his only son,
Whose name was Kevin too,
Said he: 'Of all my worldly goods
I leave the best to you.'

Now Kevin junior listened up
For though his heart was sad,
He always had a hankering
To emulate his dad.
He had to have the formula,
His dad was fading fast,
And then oul Kevin spoke again
Before he breathed his last.

'That special way of countin'
When roundin' up the sheep,
Is just a very simple trick
An' now it's yours to keep.
There's really nuthin' to it,
You'll always get the score,
If you just simply count the legs
An' then divide by four.'
The end