A mighty keel of six inch plate,
It stretched from Swan's to Walkergate

The 'Longy Butts' were ten feet high,
And made the toughest Caulkers cry,
And Platers worked within the sheds,
On 'Tie-Plates' big as Wing Bulkheads.

The Stagers all wore parachutes,
And rubber suckers on their boots,
One Counter, name of Bobby Corbett,
Fell off the mast - he's still in orbit!

The journey to the After-Peak,
Took all of half, a working week.
And though the workers had to hike,
Each Gaffer had a Motorbike.

The Centre-Tanks were such a height,
The Upper Decks were out of sight.
And up among the Beams and Struts,
Two helicopters, checked the Butts.

Inside the Bulbous-Bow one day,
Two Foremen Welders lost their way,
I must report with deep regret,
For all I know they're still there yet.
  The human mind could scarcely grip,
The magnitude of this great ship.
This miracle of Tyneside skill,
Was, for the Japs, a bitter pill.

It wasn't just the Japanese,
That Swan and Hunter failed to please,
Before the Launching Celebrations,
The Town would need some alterations.

The Council sat in grim debate,
And hammered out the Township's fate.
They talked all day of sweat and toil,
At night, they burned the midnight oil.

Across the map, they drew a mark,
From Carrville Road to Wallsend Park,
The Drag-Chains from this giant ship,
Would run right through this fated strip.

The Mayor arose, and sad of voice,
Said "Gentlemen, we have no choice,
Though we all love our dear old Town,
We'll have to pull, half of it down."

The "Memorial", and the Masonic Hall,
And Woolworths too, will have to fall,
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