Frank Daniel

Canowindra, NSW, Australia

  Mrs. Jimmy Clancy was the proudest mum around —
Her youngest, ‘Little Willy’, was the new Priest in our town.
‘Ordained by the Bishop’, and all that rigmarole,
Willy was our saviour. — God bless his little soul!

And for his first performance in St. Peter’s Catholic Church
The faithful came from far and wide and took up every perch.
Not a spot was vacant — all the aisles and pews were packed,
And crowded in the foyer were some Pagans who ‘came back’.

Proudly seated up the front with all her holy crew
Was Margaret Agnes Clancy, and the old Monsignor too.
Young Father Clancy did his best — a fine and splendid job
And his Latin was superb as he blessed the local mob.

He “Dominus vobiscum’d” and the ‘sheep’ all answered back,
‘Et cum spiri tu tu oh-ing’ keeping Willy right on track.

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