Hugh McCallion
  The teacher in the village school, well qualified in art,
Had got the class together and was just about to start.
A lesson in the finer points was what she had in mind,
But many of the boys and girls were otherwise inclined.

Said little Bridie Donovan: "Please Miss it isn't fair,
Them naughty boys behind us keeps tuggin' at our hair."
Then Mary Ann Mc Cafferty, a buxom ten year old,
Plants a perfect bunch of knuckles on a lad who's overbold.

"They'll never stop their nonsense Miss, until you use the cane,"
Said Theresa Moriarty just before she howled in pain;
And little Paddy Docherty, who's pinched her ample south,
Lookin' like a piece of butter wouldn't melt inside his mouth.

"I wont stand any more of this," Miss Madigan opines,
And flayed the air to try to scare that bunch of philistines.
"I'll send for Mr Cassidy; you'll have yourselves to blame."
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