Hugh McCallion
  Oul Paddy had been very ill, he hadn't slept for days,
So Bridget called the doctor in to check on his disaise.
The doctor took his stethoscope and checked him fore an' aft.
Said Bridget: "Can you cure him, Sir, before he drives me daft?"

Oul Paddy groaned impatiently: "Shure woman won't you cease;
Just let the doctor do his job an' lave us both in peace."
The doctor nodded knowingly, then unto Paddy said:
"You've got a chest infection, you'll have to stay in bed."

"I guessed as much," said Bridget, that's more than just a cold;
Now listen to the doctor an' do as you are told.
If it wasn't for me, doctor, he wouldn't be alive,
For when it comes to medicines he'll neither lead nor drive!"

Oul Paddy kept his temper, albeit only just,
For interfarin' wimmin annoyed him fit to bust.
"These tablets I'm prescribing," said Doctor Michael Hayes,
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